HR for Mike, art restorer, appraiser, picture framer

19th Century Japanese Hibachi

HR for Mike, art restorer, appraiser, picture framer

We are all familiar with the small hibachi that we can buy at the hardware store and use as a small barbecue grill. If we broke it, we would just go back to the hardware store and buy another.

The Early Japanese Hibachis

But how many of us are familiar with the true design and purpose of an original Japanese hibachi? The true Japanese hibachi has existed for hundreds of years. It is box shaped and is almost always made from either exotic hardwoods or ceramic. It was originally used to heat an individual room and prepare food. If one were lucky, a servant would refill it with hot coals.
Hibachi Before Restoration

On the left is an example of a 18th Century Japanese hibachi that Mike restored. This hibachi is made from a rare exotic wood. The black trim and the handles are inlaid with rosewood.

Hibachi Partially Restored

This image shows the hibachi partially restored. The drawers along the side have been repaired, the old stain has been removed, and Mike has begun the re-staining. Most hibachis of this age and quality are, of course, no longer used for their original purpose. Rather, they may become interesting end tables or vitrines used to display art objects.
Hibachi After Restoration

The last image shows the final result of this restoration. This hibachi is lined with a luxurious fabric, covered with glass and used to attractively display small collectible objects.
Perhaps you have an interesting but no longer functional furniture piece that could be converted into a decorative object or a display area. If so, Mike can advise you on the many possibilities.
HR for Mike, art restorer, appraiser, picture framer
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