HR for Mike, art restorer, appraiser, picture framer

Antique Engraving

Cleaning Procedure

HR for Mike, art restorer, appraiser, picture framer

This is a 19th Century English hunting scene that had extensive damage.

The engraving had been badly discolored by exposure to acidic framing materials, such as matting and backing. It was suffering from "acid burn," which is the brown coating you can see covering the engraving.

Antique Engraving
Before Restoration

Mike and his staff were able to remove the acid burn and not alter the original color of the engraving. New colors that were previously covered with the acid burn were revealed when the restoration was done. This engraving is the property of a private client.

Antique Engraving After Restoration

Acid burn damage is removed by a sensitive bleaching process that removes the damage but does not affect the original colors. Removing water damage from an engraving is also possible but is more difficult. When water damage occurs, minerals and salts leech into the paper and the removal process is more difficult; however, the appearance of a water-stained engraving can usually be vastly improved.

HR for Mike, art restorer, appraiser, picture framer
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